manganese heptoxide meaning in Hindi

manganese heptoxide sentence in Hindi

मैंगनीज हेप्‍टॉक्‍साइड
manganese:    मैंगनीज़ अयस
heptoxide:    हेप्टाक्साइड
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  1. The production of manganese heptoxide is an undesirable byproduct in many situations.
  2. "' Manganese ( VII ) oxide "'( manganese heptoxide ) is an inorganic compound with the acid anhydride of permanganic acid.
  3. Permanganic acid has also been prepared through the reaction of hydrofluorosilicic acid with potassium permanganate, through electrolysis, and through hydrolysis of manganese heptoxide, though the last route often results in explosions.
  4. Oxygen is a weaker oxidant and inherently more likely to form covalent bonds, but it only forms molecules with six metals ( manganese heptoxide, technetium heptoxide, ruthenium tetroxide, osmium tetroxide, plutonium tetroxide, and iridium tetroxide ).

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