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  1. Manganates ( VII ) are not very stable thermally.
  2. The manganate ( IV ) anion has been prepared by radiolysis of dilute solutions of permanganate.
  3. They are produced commercially by electrolysis or air oxidation of alkaline solutions of manganate salts ( ).
  4. Another use for barium manganate was as a pigment for making the artist s color manganese blue.
  5. For instance, potassium permanganate decomposes at 230 �C to potassium manganate and manganese dioxide, releasing oxygen gas:
  6. "' Potassium manganate "'is the inorganic compound with the formula K 2 MnO 4.
  7. Condy s fluid was a disinfectant solution of alkaline manganates and permanganates that could be taken internally or used externally.
  8. The firm will produce manganate batteries starting next September, with annual output expected to reach 600 million units in fiscal 1999.
  9. One example ( of many thousands ) is the reduction of permanganate by iodide to form iodine and, again, manganate.
  10. Occasionally, potassium manganate and potassium " per " manganate are confused, but they are different compounds with distinctly different properties.


  1. a salt of manganic acid containing manganese as its anion

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