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  1. Pacemaker lead malposition in various locations has been described in the literature.
  2. Treatment may involve surgery to correct the malposition of the eyelid ( s ).
  3. These can cause instability of the eyelid scaffold, resulting in the malposition of the eyelid.
  4. Hyperlysinemia is associated with ectopia lentis ( a displacement or malposition of the eye's crystalline lens ) in humans.
  5. If plastic tubes need inserting, their malposition can lead to obstruction and eventual breakdown of the opening ( anastomosis ).
  6. "' Centurion syndrome "'is characterized by anterior malposition of the medial part of the lid, with displacement of lacus lacrimalis due to a prominent nasal bridge.
  7. Capnography provides a rapid and reliable method to detect life-threatening conditions ( malposition of tracheal tubes, unsuspected ventilatory failure, circulatory failure and defective breathing circuits ) and to circumvent potentially irreversible patient injury.
  8. The clinical advantage of the free-flap breast reconstruction procedure is avoidance of the medical complications  infection, malposition of the breast implant ( s ), capsular contracture  which occasionally occur consequent to breast-reconstruction surgery procedures that emplace breast prostheses to the mastectomy wounds.
  9. The International Chiropractor's Association ( ICA ) states that the " chiropractic spinal adjustment is unique and singular to the chiropractic profession ", and that it " is characterized by a specific thrust applied to the vertebra utilizing parts of the vertebra and contiguous structures as levers to directionally correct articular malposition.
  10. Sequentially, lower eyelid blepharoplasty can successfully address the anatomic matters of excess eyelid skin, slackness of the eye-muscles and of the orbital septum ( palpebral ligament ), excess orbital fat, malposition of the lower eyelid, and prominence of the nasojugal groove, where the orbit ( eye socket ) meets the slope of the nose.
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