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  1. Dehumidification of ventilation and makeup air consumes a great deal of energy worldwide.
  2. For engine tests, there is need for makeup air.
  3. Ventilation, fresh air or makeup air is required in most commercial, industrial and institutional buildings to meet code requirements.
  4. I had a makeup air pipe installed to increase the draft, and a chimney cap, but neither did much good.
  5. The filtered makeup air is divided equally over the work surface at about two to six inches above the work surface.
  6. Applications such as space heating, greenhouse season extension, pre-heating ventilation makeup air, or process heat can be addressed by solar air heat devices.
  7. Kresge Hall, the college s primary athletic gym, uses a heat recovery system to maximize energy efficiency in a building which requires 100 % makeup air.
  8. Unless adequate makeup air is supplied, the negative pressure created in the house can pull in exhaust gases from combustion appliances, such as a gas-fired water heater.
  9. The standard provides an objective and quantitative basis for rating and comparing dehumidification performance and energy consumption of equipment that dehumidifies incoming ventilation and makeup air as part of a building s mechanical systems.

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