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  1. As physics concepts go, the Magnus force is fairly ethereal.
  2. Applying a lateral Magnus force will make the ball move sideways in the air, this is known as "'drift " '.
  3. It is thrown with a spiral-like spin, so that there is no Magnus force on the ball as it arrives at home plate.
  4. Overall, the effect of the Magnus force on a bullet's flight path itself is usually insignificant compared to other forces such as aerodynamic drag.
  5. Scorponok violates this treaty on Nebulos, creating " transformable men " with the help of Mo Zarak's corporation, but an attack by Ultra Magnus forces him to flee.
  6. "Because the friction and drag force are bigger, you get turbulence and a force that shoves the ball . " This is the Magnus force, which is what makes a spinning baseball curve.
  7. The combined sideways wind component of these two effects causes a Magnus force to act on the bullet, which is perpendicular both to the direction the bullet is pointing and the combined sideways wind.
  8. Note that, unlike most plasma structures, the Lorentz force and the Magnus force, \ rho \ vec { \ nabla } \ times \ vec { v }, play equivalent roles . \ rho is the mass density.
  9. Rae said he discovered that the Magnus force, which results in areas of high and low pressure on opposite sides of the football, produces a torque toward the rear that pushes the nose of the ball to the right.
  10. In a very simple case where we ignore various complicating factors, the Magnus force from the crosswind would cause an upward or downward force to act on the spinning bullet ( depending on the left or right wind and rotation ), causing an observable deflection in the bullet's flight path up or down, thus changing the point of impact.

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