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• चुंबकीय आनति
magnetic:    अचुंबकीय चुंबकीय
inclination:    चाह झुकाव ढाल धुन
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  1. Although some of the rocks needed a more complex and thorough analysis, most samples yielded data suitable to make a preliminary determination of magnetic inclinations.
  2. "' Robert Norman "'was a 16th-century-magnetic inclination, the deviation of the Earth's magnetic field from the vertical.
  3. The greatest currents and voltages were obtained when the difference in depth was such that a line joining the two electrodes was in the direction of the magnetic dip, or magnetic inclination.
  4. Magnetic declination should not be confused with "'magnetic inclination "', also known as magnetic dip, which is the angle that the Earth's magnetic field lines make with the downward side of the horizontal plane.
  5. The first calculation of the magnetic inclination to locate the magnetic South Pole was made on January 23, 1838 by the hydrographer, a member of the Dumont d'Urville expedition in Antarctica and Oceania on the corvettes " L'Astrolabe " and " Z�l�e " in 1837-1840, which discovered Adelie Land.


  1. (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
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