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• चुंबकीय नति
• चुबंकीय नति
magnetic:    अचुंबकीय चुंबकीय
dip:    ग़ोता जेबकतरा डिप
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  1. This balancing is latitude-dependent; see Compass balancing ( magnetic dip ).
  2. Norman demonstrated magnetic dip by creating a compass needle that pivoted on a horizontal axis.
  3. A second limitation is magnetic dip.
  4. When in steady straight and level flight the effect of magnetic dip is of no concern.
  5. Norwood is also credited with the discovery of magnetic dip 59 years earlier, in 1576.
  6. For 1930 the specification included " Biflex " magnetic dip and switch headlights and wire wheels.
  7. Magnetic dip is caused by the downward pull of the magnetic poles and is greatest near the poles themselves.
  8. Compass needles are often weighted during manufacture to compensate for magnetic dip, so that they will balance roughly horizontally.
  9. In 1856 he began at Kew a series of monthly determinations of magnetic field intensity and magnetic dip with instruments provided by Edward Sabine.
  10. More importantly, it included Norman's discovery of magnetic dip, the incline at an angle from the horizon by a compass needle.
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  1. (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
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