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  1. It used traditional blowback operation with a magazine capacity of 7 rounds.
  2. The collection includes 9.5 shelf-kilometers of material, with magazine capacity for 22.
  3. The Striker design has a twelve round magazine capacity and short overall length.
  4. The significantly smaller SW380M had a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.
  5. Magazine capacity is not restricted nor is there regulation regarding other firearm accessories.
  6. The shape of the rimmed cartridge limited the magazine capacity to five rounds.
  7. Maximum barrel length is 127 mm, and maximum magazine capacity is 15 rounds.
  8. Has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds and weighs almost 6 kilograms unloaded.
  9. Para-Ordnance was the originator of a high magazine capacity M1911-style pistol.
  10. The magazine capacity in . 380 ACP is 13 rounds.

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