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  1. When exposed to high amplitude environmental noise in a laboratory setting, zebra finches, a monogamous species, show a decreased preference for their mated partners.
  2. Two very famous computational neuroscientists Kenji Doya and Terrence J . Sejnowski created a model of this using the Zebra Finch as target organism.
  3. At this point, the zebra finch can no longer learn new songs and thus sings this single song for the duration of its life.
  4. Birds that can be seen on the Kings Canyon Rim walk include spinifex pigeon, zebra finch, grey-headed honeyeater, dusky grasswren, black-breasted buzzard and peregrine falcon.
  5. Amongst the species kept are eagles, monkeys, fallow deer, degu, red squirrel, magpie, eagle-owl, tawny owl, wildcat, wild boar, gray wolf, zebra finch and goats.
  6. The beak is sometimes the only way to tell the gender of a zebra finch, as sometimes the orange cheek colouring is faded or non-existent.
  7. The article on Zebra finches mentions a bit about their behaviour and taming them . talk ) 00 : 37, 6 January 2009 ( UTC)
  8. In studies of the zebra finch, he revealed that the sperm of the last male to mate with a female took precedence for fertilising her eggs.
  9. This suggests that the relative amount of song production in paired zebra finch males might function to stimulate the partner rather than to attract extra-pair females.
  10. Leonardo tested these models directly by recording spike rates in single LMAN neurons of adult zebra finches during singing in conditions with normal and perturbed auditory feedback.
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