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  1. By then, Garc�a's reign in Zaragoza had closed.
  2. Diego made his return against Real Zaragoza on 26 March 2012.
  3. He wrote a life of Nuestra Se�ora del Pilar in Zaragoza.
  4. Rotations to Zaragoza AB, Spain, began in January 1970.
  5. Eventually he took over at Real Zaragoza, replacing V�ctor Fern�ndez.
  6. Cardona scoring the winning goal in the final against Real Zaragoza.
  7. Ferdinand even encouraged local rebellions in Huesca, Jaca and Zaragoza.
  8. Neither Matuzal�m or Zaragoza were able to pay the ordered compensation.
  9. He called provincial councils at Zaragoza ( 599 ) and Barcelona.
  10. Zaragoza Air Base was a NASA Alternate Space Shuttle Landing Site.
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