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  1. The patchworks, called show quilts, that these women created were a new breed that included some of the zaniest and most luxurious ever made _ and the least functional.
  2. Maybe they're the reason all the other teams are so conservative, but it's definitely football in the funhouse mirror, distorted in all the zaniest ways.
  3. Set in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, home of the blues and land of the floating casino, the novel conjures one of Leonard's zaniest casts yet.
  4. Downey, his hair blasted into a two-toned Don King-style flare, adopts a German accent worthy of Peter Sellers at his zaniest to play this lecherous impostor.
  5. Still, Supratman _ friends say that he is entitled to have a name that might be confused with Superman _ insists on having the freshest news, and the zaniest headlines.
  6. His T-shirt, stretched over his belly, read, " I Get Enough Exercise Pushing My Luck, " which was about the zaniest thing anyone here wore.
  7. In " Basket Case, " the zaniest characters are two women : the young widow of Jimmy Stoma, faded frontman of the Slut Puppies, and Stoma's sister.
  8. A cultural curmudgeon in his final years, Allen was one of TV's zaniest comics in the 1950s and'60s, and the late-night forerunner to Jay Leno and David Letterman.
  9. Zulkey wrote " that when it's at its zaniest, " The Office " is at its worst ", and the episode was " just too silly to be funny ".
  10. He profiled many of the city's zaniest characters, including " Black Cat " Lacombe, " Leapin'Lou " Messina, Buddy Diliberto, Abdul D . Tentmakur, and Morgus the Magnificent.
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