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  1. The Supreme Court suspiciously voted along party lines, thus ending the zaniest presidential election in history.
  2. Among the zaniest fans were three people dressed up as the Chick-Fil-A cows.
  3. It was the most disjointed game of the Yankees'season and one of the zaniest in years.
  4. But Albright also took on the United Nations'zaniest critics when necessary with a display of sharp wit.
  5. All right, you knuckleheads, get spiffed up for the zaniest awards show ever to hit the small screen.
  6. It was the zaniest World Series game since Toronto's 15-14 victory over Philadelphia exactly nine years ago.
  7. "[ The album ] captures the band at both its zaniest and, fortunately, its most musical . ..
  8. As a member of the Philadelphia Phillies that year, he was the zaniest character on a team full of free spirits.
  9. The cable network will broadcast a joke of the nation's zaniest mayor as part of the five-hour program.
  10. The movie's zaniest scenes remind us of those tinselly days when air travel was sold as sex in the sky.
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