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  1. In this election, Zambians chose between an unprecedented 11 candidates.
  2. Under the Zambian constitution, the chief justice declares the winner.
  3. In his inaugural address Mwanawasa said he would represent all Zambians.
  4. Mwanawasa will replace former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba as party leader.
  5. Zambian Information Minister Newstead Zimba announced on state television Friday night.
  6. The Zambian government holds the remaining ten percent of the company.
  7. Zambians after earlier admitting to " unacceptable " poverty.
  8. Under Zambian law, the death sentence is mandatory for treason.
  9. One in 11 Zambians is member of the New Apostolic Church.
  10. He hoped to encourage the formation of a Zambian national identity.
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