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  1. A reliable source of water lies further north, in the Zambezi River.
  2. Not every reader will know anything about the Zambezi.
  3. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded within the Zambezi National Park.
  4. Sampofu was born on 10 August 1955 in Mbabanzi in the Zambezi Region.
  5. The most startling diorama is of the Tsongas, from along the Zambezi River.
  6. Never go swimming or wading in the Zambezi.
  7. The hippos and crocs didn't get us _ but the Zambezi did.
  8. But with water becoming scarce, wrangling over the Zambezi could increase regional tensions.
  9. Some facts on Zambezi River, most important source of water in southern Africa:
  10. The Zambezi and Buzi rivers were reaching a " critical level,"
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