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  1. The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, which drains into the Zambezi River through the Shire River.
  2. Northward the Zambezi River with a wide Mozambique, and immediately north of that port is Conducia Bay.
  3. The Chobe joins with the Zambezi River to feed Victoria Falls and cause killer floods in Mozambique.
  4. The next day they crossed the Zambezi river and climbed down the canyon for a better view.
  5. But here, on a shady terrace overlooking the roaring Zambezi River, more than half the tables are empty.
  6. One flood victim told a Radio Mozambique reporter her property in Caia along the Zambezi River was destroyed.
  7. After three years on the Zambian copper belt they moved to Sesheke on the Zambezi River, near Livingstone.
  8. Zambezia has a total area of 103, 478 km 2, much of it drained by the Zambezi River.
  9. The Nyaminyami is said to reside in the Zambezi River and control the life in and on the river.
  10. This led to the deployment of Tanzanian troops north of the Zambezi river and Zimbabwean troops to the south.
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