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  1. In 1938, she established the YWCA national office in Wuhan.
  2. The largest organization for female students in 1922 was the YWCA.
  3. Baeyertz joined the YWCA and was soon preaching to large crowds.
  4. From her desk at the YWCA, Pat Whiters watched Jennifer evolve.
  5. Plus, the YWCA suffered from a major image problem.
  6. I'm taking a dance class at the YWCA.
  7. I truly enjoyed living at the YWCA for a year.
  8. While they may hold the YWCA in contempt of court,
  9. She was a director at the YWCA when she started the choir.
  10. YWCA centre receives RM74, 200 British grant, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
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