yummies in a sentence

yummies meaning in Hindi


  1. So all the vampires were like ooooooooh blood yummy ! !!
  2. But without warning, the Nue Yummy appears and attacks Eiji.
  3. Filled with rage, Yummy chased and shot at the pair.
  4. Yoho decides to try and spirit Yummy out of the hospital.
  5. The child part would prefigure the yummy blonde Amy would later become.
  6. It may be yummy, but is it a martini?
  7. Initial results for Kitchen Tools are, well, yummy.
  8. But Yummy doesn't take it all too seriously.
  9. Other chefs take the opposite tack and pile on the yummy stuff.
  10. A yummy confection, it dates to the Middle Ages.
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