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  1. "Any Yids who do not follow this order and are found elsewhere will be shot.
  2. It stated its ugly message in thick, block letters : " Death to Yids ."
  3. He sold " Der Yid " to activist leaders of the Satmar community, including Sender Deutsch.
  4. At the conference, Siegel stated, " The yids and the dagos will no longer fight each other ."
  5. The Reptiles also share membership ( Kia, Greg and Geoff Brady ) with Yid Vicious a notable Madison Klezmer band
  6. I suspect Yid may be the same person as User : Nuklear who was banned for copyvio some time previously.
  7. During his decades with Der Yid, Deutsch wrote a weekly column for the newspaper, under the pseudonym Eliezer Epstein.
  8. We've recently seen another editor who says they are Jewish permanently blocked for using the word " Yid ".
  9. The sect has a Yiddish newspaper called " Der Yid ", now privatized, and various other Yiddish publications.
  10. Dinu Brtianu also condemned antisemitic measures, prompting Antonescu to accuse him of being an ally of " the Yid in London ".
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