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  1. In February William Watson complained that Yagan had pushed open his door, demanded a gun, and taken handkerchiefs.
  2. By 1964, Yagan's head was badly decomposed, and the decision was made to dispose of it.
  3. Yagan escaped from the island in a boat, and waged a guerrilla campaign on both sides of the river.
  4. "It shows the strength of Yagan that someone would bother to push against him, " said Colbung.
  5. Yagan was killed by a teenage bounty hunter on tribal lands in the Swan Valley, near Perth, in 1833.
  6. They plan to bury it with the rest of Yagan's body in the Swan Valley, east of Perth.
  7. After hiding his sons under the bed, Entwhistle opened the door to parley and was killed by Yagan and Midgegooroo.
  8. On 3 March, Yagan obtained permission to hold another corroboree, this time in the Post Office garden in Perth.
  9. Later that month, Yagan was with a group of Noongar who entered Watson's house while he was away.
  10. At the time of European settlement, Yellagonga, the uncle of Yagan, was the leader of the Mooro group.
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