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  1. The " X " in XEmacs is thus not related to the X Window System.
  2. The PostScript language and the X Window System protocol were landmark developments in the field.
  3. Allegro supports Unix-like systems with ( or without ) the X Window System.
  4. ICA is broadly similar in purpose to window servers such as the X Window System.
  5. It is even possible to run the X Window System after the memory is expanded.
  6. There are a number of tutorials on Kenton Lee's X Window System site.
  7. It is based on haserl and has nothing to do with the X Window System.
  8. The X Window System illustrates this approach.
  9. Most Unix workstations ( including Sun's own ) now run the X Window System.
  10. The X Window System by default uses the themes; subsequent releases do not support themes.
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