wrist watch in a sentence

wrist watch meaning in Hindi


  1. She holds a wrist watch as proof of her past.
  2. Feigning boredom I pointedly glanced at my slender wrist watch.
  3. The Armatix iP1 cannot be used without the matching iW1 Active RFID wrist watch.
  4. Up against a curb near the Marchon building was a pilot's chronographic wrist watch.
  5. She saw a wrist watch she liked, ordered it and became a QVC fan.
  6. In 1957, electric wrist watches gained popularity with the public.
  7. Seems that there are also wrist watches based on this.
  8. Producers chose what Matt's attire would consist of; including socks and a wrist watch.
  9. In autumn 1997, Montblanc launched a range of wrist watches.
  10. Linux is so small that you could probably install it onto your digital wrist watch.
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