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  1. The Wii Remote is the primary wrist strap can be used to prevent the player from unintentionally dropping ( or throwing ) the Wii Remote.
  2. It also comes with a little wrist strap, a base on which the camera can be placed while tethered to the computer, and a carrying case.
  3. The Wii Remote wrist strap is a form of lanyard, keeping the device attached to a player's arm during the often vigorous movements involved in its use.
  4. Nintendo's online " Wrist Strap Replacement Request Form " allows owners to receive up to four free straps when a Wii serial number and shipping details are provided.
  5. He also suggested choosing a model with a deep seat and a seat belt, and wearing a safety wrist strap to prevent the stroller from getting away from you.
  6. Q : Thanks for your answer to Betty Hill about anti-static wrist straps that are needed when you work on your PC . She was going to install memory chips.
  7. Either buy an anti-static wrist strap ( you can pick one up at Radio Shack ) or occasionally touch the metal chassis of the PC to discharge any static electricity.
  8. At the bottom left corner of the back of the iPod Touch, there is a button which can be pressed to allow a wrist strap to attach to the iPod Touch.
  9. One spark of static electricity to an exposed motherboard can damage it severely, so wear an antistatic wrist strap ( often included with the RAM ) when installing the extra memory.
  10. BSSDs, however, keep the PCB exposed ( thereby reducing cost, increasing density, etc ), but however requiring special care in handling it, by use of devices such as, the antistatic wrist strap.
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