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  1. This relieves pressure on the newly formed wrist joint of the pisiform, hamate and capitate.
  2. The station's 58-foot ( 17-meter ) arm has a wrist joint that needs to be replaced.
  3. The arm needs a new wrist joint, and a pair of spacewalkers will perform the surgery.
  4. One of the three wrist joints in the Canadian-built high-tech construction crane seized up in March.
  5. One last excursion is scheduled for Thursday, to replace a wrist joint in the robot arm.
  6. One of three wrist joints malfunctioned in March.
  7. During a final spacewalk Thursday, the two men plan to replace the robot arm's wrist joint assembly.
  8. In this forelimb posture, the hand and wrist joints are aligned in a relatively straight, neutral posture.
  9. The astronauts also plan to replace a faulty wrist joint on the $ 600 million station arm.
  10. The old wrist joint kept seizing up.
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