windless in a sentence

windless meaning in Hindi


  1. Windless weather aggravated the situation in Irkutsk near Lake Baikal.
  2. She won last year on a mostly windless day in 11.33.
  3. The noontime tide was slack, the day windless.
  4. Because of a buffering cushion of warm air, it is virtually windless.
  5. _Dry, windy days are worst; rainy and windless days best.
  6. The humid almost windless conditions made for low scoring.
  7. All four topped or shared the lead Sunday, another sunny windless day.
  8. The lightest models are suitable for indoor flight, in a windless environment.
  9. The Siberian interior in winter is nearly windless.
  10. But inside the windless confines of the Metrodome, Moon will shine brightly again.
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