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  1. YHA New Zealand was established in 1932 in Canterbury by Cora Wilding.
  2. Charles James Ernest Wilding was born in Hammersmith on 23 June 1876.
  3. Eleanor Wilding was born on 3 September 1877, also in Hammersmith.
  4. He subsequently lost in the early rounds to eventual champion Anthony Wilding.
  5. Since the affected compartments flooded unevenly, Wilding believed each sustained separate damage.
  6. They spoke of ` wilding'in the park, randomly attacking people.
  7. Then there was Michael Wilding, the British actor.
  8. So what happened to the warnings of anarchic wilding?
  9. Wilding was quoted as saying by Police Review magazine.
  10. Wilding was appointed Chief Constable of South Wales Police on 1 January 2004.
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