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  1. These provide a good open water habitat which is important for wintering wildfowl.
  2. Wildfowl have not yet begun their journey north.
  3. The John Pierrepont Wildfowl Marsh at the Bronx Zoo is named in his honor.
  4. An important feature of the winter bird life is the great diversity of wildfowl.
  5. It contains a variety of wildfowl and reedbeds.
  6. It is increasingly becoming a vital wintering ground for thousands of wildfowl and waders.
  7. Over 10, 000 wildfowl and 20, 000 waders winter on the estuary.
  8. The museum contained an extensive collection of wildfowl wood carvings by renowned decoy crafters.
  9. The reservoir is known for its wintering wildfowl.
  10. It now provides an environment for overwintering wildfowl and migrant birds including the Osprey.
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