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  1. ADTRAN adapted telephony technology for use in enterprise-wide area networks.
  2. RecoverPoint applies data compression and data de-duplication in order to reduce wide area network traffic.
  3. Teleos makes switches for transferring data on wide area networks, such as long-distance telephone lines.
  4. Cascade makes switches that allow computers to talk to each other over wide area networks.
  5. Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks were also in use long before the Internet.
  6. Most PDAs can access the Internet, intranets or extranets via Wi-Fi or Wireless Wide Area Networks.
  7. EDs : With OHIO-DATA . A page and jump-page to move on Cox Wide Area Network.
  8. The data deduplication technology only moves changes over the Wide area network, reducing WAN bandwidth requirements.
  9. Vanco is a global Wide Area Network Operator.
  10. Wirelessly connected to the ambulance wide area network it offers video conferencing, SmartBoard and voice communications.
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