wide angle in a sentence

wide angle meaning in Hindi


  1. The screens can be viewed from wide angles, unlike most LCDs.
  2. These changes improved image quality in addition to providing a wider angle of view.
  3. The smaller flange focal distance allows for more compact normal and wide angle lenses.
  4. Wide angle and telephoto lens adapters are available from Panasonic.
  5. On board was the WATCH or Wide Angle Telescope for Cosmic Hard X-rays instrument.
  6. Outside viewing is through three window ports with wide angles.
  7. Written on a board are the words " wide angle,"
  8. He also received USSR State Prize for his contributions in developing wide angle lenses.
  9. Using a sharp knife, cut stems at a wide angle.
  10. The vehicle has coach doors for the center-rear that open with a wider angle.
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