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  1. Wickliffe died while visiting relatives in Kentucky on April 18, 1895.
  2. They argued opposite Henry Clay and Robert C . Wickliffe.
  3. He ran the Wickliffe Press in Dunedin and bred racehorses.
  4. Wickliffe Street intersects 13th Avenue a block or two away.
  5. Coleman joined the Wickliffe-based company as a research chemist in 1955.
  6. Wickliffe's participation in this endeavor further distanced him from the Whigs.
  7. As governor, Wickliffe's primary concern was the Panic of 1837.
  8. It is located at 28787 Ridge Road in Wickliffe.
  9. Wickliffe also emancipated his cousin, Lucretia Russell, and her four children.
  10. The community of Wickliffe had a social hierarchy ruled by a hereditary chief.
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