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  1. Wickiup Reservoir is dubbed as the best lake for brown trout fishing in the state.
  2. Like nearby Crane Prairie Reservoir, Wickiup Reservoir was created by damming of the Deschutes River.
  3. Although built like the Yavapai wickiups, the Apache versions are more pointed, like a teepee.
  4. Wickiups are used today by San Carlos Apache families during the rite-of-passage ceremony for girls.
  5. Highly-detailed photograph of an Apache wickiup, taken in 1903 by the famous photographer Edward S . Curtis.
  6. When they come across a set of empty wickiups, the overtly racist members of the posse gleefully burn them.
  7. The Deschutes River, which originates at Little Lava Lake, is an inflow and an outflow of Wickiup Reservoir.
  8. There are examples, too, of a Navajo hogan, an Apache wickiup and a Hopi corn-grinding room.
  9. To make the Yavapai wickiup as authentic as possible, a group of elders from Clarkdale helped draw up the design.
  10. According to the United States Forest Service, Wickiup Reservoir is one of Central Oregon's best wildlife viewing areas.
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