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  1. In 1985 a new north-to-east curve was opened at the Brockley Whins junction complex.
  2. Its site, on Whins Road, is remembered by Lambert Avenue and the still extant mill lade.
  3. Sensing Whin's killers and realizing they are able to defeat a ringbearer, Natu swallows her ring.
  4. The two periods of Whin dolerite emplacement form part of the end-Carboniferous earth movements in northern England.
  5. He was injured in the 2007 08 UEFA Cup 2nd qualifying round . whin ruled him out until November.
  6. Just a few lines later, the Zany is " whin [ ing ] like an injured dog ".
  7. Attempts were made to block the breach with clay, whin, straw, etc . with no success.
  8. The site exposes sections of low vertical crag, as well as dip-slope slabs of the Whin Sill
  9. The quartz-microgabbro of the Whin Sill occupies the higher ground on this southeastern side of the bay.
  10. Large stretches of the river are owned by fishing syndicates, however day ticket fishing is available at Mulberry Whin.
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