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  1. Another day of unrelenting whimsicality, ` How are things in Glocca Morra ?'and ` How is your poor old Irish mother ? "'
  2. Wright Penn brings welcome whimsicality, sensuality and flirtiness in her early scenes with Costner, when Theresa succeeds in tracking the mysterious messages to the secretive Garret.
  3. Matthew Macfadyen has the pivotal role of Daniel, Raymond's son, who has compensated for his father's whimsicality with an excess of steadfastness.
  4. Incorporating aspects of a playful obstacle course, funhouses seek to distort conventional perceptions and startle people with unstable and unpredictable physical circumstances within an atmosphere of wacky whimsicality.
  5. Mick LaSalle called it a " great American film " that transcends its " air of whimsicality and its emphasis on small-town characters and humble locations ."
  6. The hallucinatory itinerary of " Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, " sung by Marc Anthony, became a New York travelogue, with all its whimsicality vanished.
  7. The Russian-American poet Joseph Brodsky once manifested that " The surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even if you will eccentricity.
  8. He combined certain ancient architectural elements, trophies and escutcheons, with a venetian whimsicality for the facade of the church and the walls of the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta.
  9. The best specimen of this work, of which the outstanding characteristics are sheer whimsicality and topsy-turvy humour, is " The Ballad of Kynd Kittok ".
  10. The nutty denizens of his Midwestern hometown add the hip quaintness of " Northern Exposure, " and lawyer Ed's legal cases have an " Ally McBeal " whimsicality.
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