weigh down in a sentence

weigh down meaning in Hindi


  1. Place a saucer on top of yogurt to weigh down slightly.
  2. You don't want to weigh down your arms by carrying around your coat.
  3. But all bemoaned the burdens that weigh down today's working parents.
  4. Fuzzy peaches and deep dark plums weigh down the branches of their trees.
  5. Abusing that faculty with pride or envy weighs down the soul the most.
  6. The change purse is fat with it and weighs down the shoulder bag.
  7. And Iman's love of the electronic gadgets weighs down his more up-tempo tunes.
  8. Such dilution would reduce earnings per share and weigh down the stock price.
  9. Or cover with thick paper towels, weigh down, and leave overnight.
  10. Worries about Japan's financial system continue to weigh down market sentiments, they said.
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