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  1. Unfortunately for local mythology, there is some serious misunderstanding about the weather vane.
  2. In later versions of the game, a " Weather Vane " was added.
  3. The ornamental appeal of these glass balls has been used in weather vanes.
  4. The house sports a weather vane with a steam engine finial.
  5. It is believed the tower was topped with a weather vane.
  6. The turret is surmounted by a recessed slate spire with a weather vane.
  7. On the apex is a large lead finial with a small weather vane.
  8. The weather vane only requires a 5 knot wind to rotate.
  9. Weather vanes were made from anything that the wind would blow,
  10. Sidney Gecker, a Manhattan dealer, has two 19th-century Fiske weather vanes.
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