wage concession in a sentence

wage concession meaning in Hindi


  1. But wage concessions have not been ruled out.
  2. Creighton had said United would apply if it got wage concessions from its employees.
  3. The slowdown in benefit costs enables employers to be more generous in their wage concessions.
  4. We may need wage concessions by everyone.
  5. They have not agreed to wage concessions.
  6. In late June, Delta and its pilots union opened talks to discuss wage concessions.
  7. Bayou Steel instead demanded wage concessions.
  8. It recently gave up its effort to negotiate wage concessions totaling $ 500 million a year.
  9. Can workers making between $ 10 and $ 15 an hour afford to make wage concessions?
  10. The union agreed to wage concessions in 1994 in exchange for its stake in the company.
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