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  1. Saying " this film makes the complexity of the tormented soldier comprehensible to everyday public " " The Movie Waffler " reported " " An Act of War " is skillfully scripted and sensitively acted.
  2. He struts and fulminates and pulls rank, but basically he's a waffler and a mama's boy, which is understandable when you realize that Mama is the domineering Eleanor of Aquitaine ( Myra Carter ).
  3. He's been branded as a waffler, a possible ex-drug-using draft dodger, a candidate unwilling to play by the fund-raising rules and a smirker who shies from reading books without pictures.
  4. Experts say that Kerry has the most at stake in the televised forums, which provide him three chances to overcome public concerns prompted by Republican claims that he is a waffler and weaker than Bush on national security issues.
  5. But the advertisement was conceived before Kerry, under the direction of a team of political veterans, launched a new effort to shed the waffler label by laying out a comprehensive proposal Monday for handling the future of Iraq.
  6. If you're employing several wafflers, space your stations far enough apart that your guests can maintain a good traffic flow-- and that the waffle irons aren't all plugged into the same electric circuit.
  7. Dick Cheney didn't need a single expletive that required deleting Saturday as the Republican vice president ripped into Democrat John Kerry as a gloomy waffler who shouldn't be trusted with the nation's security or economy.
  8. The daily barrage from Republicans who say he is a waffler has led Senator John McCain and General Tommy Franks, the retired US commander of the Iraq war, to vouch voluntarily for his potential abilities as commander in chief.
  9. Bush, however, spent a large chunk of his $ 120 million pre-convention ad money on commercials looking at the Democrat's 19-year Senate voting record and painting him as a waffler on taxes and terrorism.
  10. As he sat in a rear booth in the diner Haytaian was approached by Henry Farrish, who asked why he was such a " waffler " for supporting the death penalty but voting against a ban on some semiautomatic weapons.
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