viscera in a sentence

viscera meaning in Hindi


  1. No " Raging Bull " viscera here.
  2. Viscera began wrestling in pajamas and making overtly sexual gestures in the ring.
  3. The urns containing viscera have now been moved to the adjoining Original Chamber.
  4. The chest is much compressed, but the upper viscera are probably entire.
  5. His heart and viscera were thrown into the fire.
  6. No viscera test was conducted during the autopsy, which was later criticised.
  7. Moreover, there's every reason to take Bush's viscera seriously.
  8. In Portugal traditionally, viscera and other animal parts are used in many dishes.
  9. Eventually, the Cade and Murdoch tandem reformed as they were seen helping Viscera.
  10. Viscera then teamed with Umaga during his proposal.
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