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  1. Hilary races back to the fort, and releases Vindicator into the wild.
  2. In trying to keep Snowbird from slaying her son, Vindicator slew Snowbird.
  3. March 1 : The ( Youngstown ) Vindicator:
  4. A lively series of devotional and doctrinal essays appear in the Vindicator each month.
  5. Giovanni Brigidi 1879 ) characterize him as vindicator of human reason against the supernatural.
  6. Vindicator then accompanies Alpha Strike into attacking Alpha Flight, Taskmaster, and Wolverine.
  7. After the Unity Party is abolished, Vindicator with her daughter Claire leaves Canada.
  8. Muransky told The Vindicator : " I'm very disappointed for this community.
  9. In 1898, he founded the " Vindicator and Brigus Reporter ".
  10. In Massing he has found a vindicator.
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