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  1. "That's why I look at clothing from the victims of crime ."
  2. Keven Ackerman should be treated as a victim of crime by your office,
  3. The state is not imposing any such sanction on the victims of crime.
  4. The anti-terrorism emergency fund clause of the Victims of Crime Act was amended.
  5. SANTORUM ( R-PA ) H . R . 5134-- Victims of Crime Protection,
  6. A July 1985 law tripled the amount of aid for victims of crimes.
  7. Frankly, victims of crimes by juveniles are required to be very brave people.
  8. People are fired, get divorced, become victims of crime and nature.
  9. The charity offers support to around 1 million victims of crime per year.
  10. Gays make a lot of money and they're victims of crime.
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