victimizer in a sentence

victimizer meaning in Hindi


  1. Members of the press are conspiracy theory victims as well as victimizers.
  2. Before long it's hard to separate the victim from the victimizer.
  3. But there can't be a victim unless there is a victimizer.
  4. It houses no heroes, only victims and victimizers.
  5. The victimizers still live, unpunished, side by side with their victims.
  6. Vogel amazingly spins a story that has no victimizers, only affecting victims.
  7. Today's victim is tomorrow's victimizer.
  8. She also recognized Kunarac as one of her victimizers.
  9. Suddenly, both of us were victims and victimizers.
  10. Victims turn victimizers-- and sometimes do good things in the process.
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