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  1. Most modern vibraphonists are highly skilled in this technique.
  2. He was the brother of noted guitarist Wes Montgomery and vibraphonist Buddy Montgomery.
  3. Faddis dedicated the evening to vibraphonist Milt Jackson, who died Oct . 9.
  4. Other performers include trombonist William Cepeda, vibraphonist Gary Burton and pianist Makoto Ozone.
  5. After success as a live act they took on vibraphonist and percussionist Mike Dillon.
  6. More recently vibraphonist Eldad Tarmu has played there.
  7. He returned to Argentina in 1982, and following two solo albums for vibraphonist.
  8. During the'60s, Longmire played with another Cincinnati legend, vibraphonist Jamaal Halbert.
  9. Other musicians to play on the album were vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson and drummer Eddie More.
  10. Steve Vibert Pouchie was a Bronx Latin jazz vibraphonist born on January 18, 1954.
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