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  1. Hired by the popular and elegant pianist Shearing in 1966 for a five-week tour that lasted seven years, the ambitious Shoemake left the road and opened a successful school for jazz improvisation in Sherman Oaks, where the vibist made his home for three decades.
  2. As it allows a player to hold out one chord and add or subtract any individual pitch desired, a vibist can transition between chords much more smoothly than a pianist who cannot stop a string from vibrating without reaching inside the instrument when the pedal is down.
  3. John S . Wilson commented in 1959 that " In contrast to the stirring forays into the lower register that he is fond of making on piano, Costa's vibraphone style is light and dancing, closer to the Red Norvo manner than most current vibists ."
  4. Pedaling techniques are at least as important for the four-mallet vibist as for two-mallet players, but the all-or-nothing dampening system of the pedal / pad presents many obstacles to multi-linear playing since each line normally has its own dampening requirements independent of the other lines.
  5. Four-mallet vibists usually play scalar linear passages much the same as two-mallet players, using one mallet from each hand ( outside right and inside left for Burton grip ), except four-mallet players tend to make more use of double strokes, not only to avoid crossing hands but also to minimize motion between the two bar rows.
  6. In his liner notes to the 1980 release of " Verve, Sony Masterworks ) wrote that " of all the vibists to appear on the scene contemporaneous with Hutcherson, none have been able to combine the rhythmic dexterity, emotive attack and versatile musical interests that Bobby possesses . " Seidel concurred that Hutcherson was " part of the vanguard of the new jazz developments in the Sixties.
  7. Lord Sutch, Moby Grape founder Skip Spence, jazz crooner Mel Torme, reggae singer Dennis Brown, Morphine leader Mark Sandman, big-band vocalist Helen Forrest, blues belter Katie Webster, jazz guitarist Sal Salvador, jazz vibist Milt Jackson, blues singer Ella Mae Morse, folk writer-singer Hoyt Axton, jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie, Austin rock legend Doug Sahm, jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd, jazz violinist Don " Sugarcane"
  8. The session featured members of the MFSB group & mdash; guitarist vibist Vince Montana & mdash; secured by Allan Felder, who also developed the separate ad lib back-up chorus with his sister's vocal choir . [ The B-Side of the single entitled " Diamond in the Back " was the same title adopted by Ludacris 2004 ] Frank Fioravanti could have released the record on the company's own label Sound Gems, but it was just starting out and instead secured its release on the Roxbury Records record label, run by producer-songwriter Wes Farrell.
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