vacuum pump in a sentence

vacuum pump meaning in Hindi


  1. The physician then uses a vacuum pump to remove the brains.
  2. They are similar to penis vacuum pumps, just a lot bigger.
  3. According to that article, labratory vacuum pumps can achieve pressures down to 10-13 torr.
  4. Problems with the vacuum pumps continued to afflict the project.
  5. The gun was connected to a vacuum pump and was under vacuum while firing.
  6. I don't have a bell jar with vacuum pump, though.
  7. Defective vacuum pumps for a brake booster might cause difficulty in braking, Kutoba said.
  8. This drives off gases which can then be removed by a vacuum pump system.
  9. By default, the end-effector is a suction cup connected with a vacuum pump system.
  10. Have you tried looking at our article on vacuum pumps.
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