vacuum bag in a sentence

vacuum bag meaning in Hindi


  1. We vacuumed and sifted through the vacuum bag.
  2. When Merrigan saw the broken figurine he realized that the vacuum bag was filled with heroin.
  3. Inside the truck Monk sees a broken Turkish figurines and remembers the vacuum bag was empty.
  4. But the mouse comes out of the vacuum bag and is determined to get back at Krazy.
  5. If vacuum bag pressure control is used, then the appropriate valves and regulators must be built in.
  6. The vacuum bag somehow makes its way outdoors where it bursts, thus releasing Oswald and the youngsters.
  7. Follow the vacuum-cleaner manufacturer's instructions and change the vacuum bag when it becomes more than half full.
  8. A SAMPE paper describes the benefits of controlling the vacuum and pressure under the vacuum bag in a lay-up.
  9. In autoclave processing of composite parts, the vacuum bag functionality may be where the greatest variety may be found.
  10. _Changing the vacuum bag often.
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