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  1. During his internment, Petrov's life was one of complex vacillations.
  2. India's proverbial nuclear indecision had come to symbolize national timidity and vacillation.
  3. Despite the official explanations, Sharon's moves appeared to many like vacillation.
  4. Sergei did not support the Tsar's security policies of vacillations and evasions.
  5. These ups and downs reflect a vacillation in Russian-Chinese relations traceable through history.
  6. Russians seem to experience the same vacillation.
  7. The greater shortcoming, Spock said, was vacillation and being too eager to please.
  8. But critics call them vacillation and indecision.
  9. This is not the hour of vacillations,
  10. After a period of vacillation he deserted Don John towards the end of that year.
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