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  1. However, unwaxed floss is highly recommended for beginners because it helps to prevent them from cutting their gums.
  2. Look for unwaxed cucumbers, such as English hothouse, so you can leave the peel on for added color.
  3. 16 cups 1 / 8-inch cucumber slices ( firm pickling cucumbers or unwaxed regular cucumbers will work ), see Note
  4. Wax versus unwax floss : Scientific studies have not shown one floss ( unwaxed ) to be superior to the other ( waxed ).
  5. :: : : : It's a widespread practice to wax them in the US, although you can also get them unwaxed.
  6. The waxed ones are shiny and the unwaxed ones are dull, that's usually the only way you can tell which are which.
  7. "' Zest "'is a food ingredient that is prepared by scraping or cutting from the outer, colorful skin of unwaxed lime.
  8. The temperature was usually in the 20s, though one day it rose into the 30's, on the warm side for cross-country skiing, making the going a bit sticky with unwaxed skis.
  9. Unwaxed citrus fruit will dry out within a few days . The peel itself has strong antibiotic properties, unless it is punctured, and the wax helps even more . talk ) 18 : 48, 5 January 2011 ( UTC)
  10. By Helen Fielding . ( Viking, $ 22.95 . ) Though this novel's hilarious British heroine ruthlessly monitors her incoming calories ( most from alcohol ), she still knows the anguish of dateless Saturdays and unwaxed legs.
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