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  1. Among Keane's complaints : The team arrived exhausted in Saipan because it used several commercial flights rather than a private charter; the uniforms, balls and other training equipment didn't arrive on time; and the training field was dangerously unwatered and hard.
  2. Lysenko also wrote three cantatas for choir and orchestra, all to Taras Shevchenko's texts : " Raduisia nyvo nepolytaia " ( Rejoice, Unwatered Field ), " Biut porohy " ( The Rapids Roar ), " Na vichnu pamiat Kotliarevs komu " ( To the Eternal Memory of Kotliarevsky .)
  3. In 2000, East Coast based label Metal Mayhem Music, in conjunction with Adam'Bomb'Brenner, issued " the unwatered down studio version of TKO's In Your Face " and packaged it with a 1981 live recording as " In Your Face & Up Your Ass "; the same company also issued " Below The Belt " on disc in 2001 . " Let It Roll " and " In Your Face " were finally re-issued on CD in 2008 via North Carolina's Divebomb Records with the full participation of Brad Sinsel.
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