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  1. On the 1868 county survey the building is standing, but shown as " site of former water mill ", and the mill pond is unwatered.
  2. An operation that jams so many animals into an area so small, so unventilated and so unwatered they die is many things, but it's no farm.
  3. It wilts like unwatered curry plants compared with the bombastic sound of Bombay _ or even compared with the in-your-face double-k sound of cross-country Calcutta.
  4. :To give the maximum bounce to a Baltimore chop, Orioles groundskeeper Tom Murphy packed the dirt tightly around home plate, mixed it with hard clay and left the infield unwatered.
  5. rh1 Naturalizing : Gardeners with lots of space may want to try naturalizing bulbs, planting them in an area where they have room to reseed and expand naturally, such as an unwatered hillside or meadow.
  6. With its unwatered fairways, bumpy greens, deep rough and natural bunkers, the par-70 course is probably closer in feel to the Old Course at St . Andrews in Scotland than any other American course.
  7. Between Lake Rousseau and the Ocklawaha River, discontinuous, unwatered excavations mark the canal's planned path, along with different vegetation patterns on the land acquired for the project ( as seen from the air ).
  8. Keane said the team arrived exhausted because the FAI used several commercial flights rather than a private charter; the uniforms, balls and other training equipment didn't arrive on time; and the training field was dangerously unwatered and hard.
  9. In the withering heat and unprecedented dryness of last summer, it was hard to imagine that a group of untended, unwatered shrubs would decorate my garden with white flowers and spectacular scarlet, wine-red and lemon-yellow foliage in the fall.
  10. When the cofferdam was unwatered, the bottom of the enclosure was under a 22-ft . head of water from the river, and owing to the porous nature of the boulder and gravel formation considerable water was forced through the floor of the pit.
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