untracked sentence in Hindi

"untracked" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Getting untracked Defenseman Teppo Numminen finally got his offense going.
  2. If he can't get untracked, he might be traded.
  3. However, Kilmer and the'Skins never got untracked.
  4. Polihua is a beautiful, untracked beach 11 miles from Lanai City.
  5. You have to get off the track, or untracked.
  6. Without tracked, the new untracked sounds suspiciously like a misbegotten neologism.
  7. It took a while for Clemens to get untracked in New York.
  8. Then next weekend : can the Jets and the Giants get untracked?
  9. Faulk figures to get his running game untracked soon, as well.
  10. Plus, the Chargers have gotten Natrone Means untracked.
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