untraceable sentence in Hindi

"untraceable" meaning in Hindi  


  1. They make two zip guns, untraceable and easily destroyed.
  2. For some episodes, the sources Ovid used are untraceable.
  3. It does not advertise, and trades only in untraceable electronic transactions.
  4. It is completely untraceable, the back of the photo is blank.
  5. While Chaman and Meera are found, Ratan is untraceable.
  6. Many of his works are uncredited and therefore largely untraceable.
  7. Maybe they'll pop up on some untraceable website on the Internet.
  8. He generally makes his threats over untraceable satellite phones.
  9. Police said eyewitness accounts implicating Zilwa had either been disproved or were untraceable.
  10. Spammers can cover their tracks and become virtually untraceable.
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